7 jobs with fast-growing salaries

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    Wage stagnation has been a big problem for many American workers since the recession, but a few jobs are bucking the trend.

    The occupations with the fastest-growing salaries aren't necessarily the top-paying jobs in the U.S., but they represent roles that employers need to fill and are willing to bump up salaries to attract candidates, according to a new report from CareerCast.

    Not surprisingly, many of these jobs require technology or math-related skills, which demand specialized training and a college education. The post-recession economy is increasingly rewarding workers with specialized skills or training, while less educated Americans may feel the impact of automation, offshoring and degree inflation, or when jobs that once went to high school grads switch to preferring college-educated workers.

    "High salary growth rate and overall highest paying jobs are not necessarily one in the same," said Kyle Kensing, online content editor at CareerCast. "Careers with high entry-point wages do not necessarily grow considerably from median to upper wage earning levels. Similarly, some high paying jobs did not grow as much in median pay over since the 2013 Jobs Rated report."

    Still, other employment sites have identified good careers for Americans without college degrees, such as executive assistants and dental hygienists.

    While the share of low-wage workers has remained steady at about 40 percent of all U.S. employees, they are increasingly educated, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report. About 22 percent of Americans who earn $12 to $16 an hour have a college degree today, compared with 16 percent two decades ago.

    Read on to learn about the 7 occupations with the fastest-growing salaries.