7 jobs that didn't exist a decade ago

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    A decade ago, Apple's (AAPL) first iPhones were rolled out, and Twitter (TWTR) was a mere hatchling. The U.S. economy was spiraling into a recession, leading to layoffs and sharply higher unemployment rates.

    Now, unemployment is at a 17-year low, while technology continues to quickly change how Americans work. Employment in some types of jobs is under threat by those changes, such as factory workers who'll be replaced by automation and robots. But for others, the rise of social media, smartphones and new digital services has created a wealth of opportunity.

    More than six out of 10 school children today will end up working in new types of jobs that don't yet exist, according to human resources consulting firm Willis Towers Watson. Already, the U.S. job market is evolving, with new types of jobs emerging that weren't around just a decade ago, before smartphones and social media were ubiquitous.

    That has the potential to touch all types of employment. Job site Glassdoor noted that workers in jobs affected by automation or outsourcing aren't enjoying the same types of wage growth as those in fast-growing industries, such as tech and health care.

    Indeed, some jobs that emerged in the last decade now routinely top rankings of best-paid and most in-demand professions.

    Read on to learn about seven jobs that didn't exist a decade ago.