7 cars that hold their value best

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    Style, performance and gas mileage are crucial points when you are shopping for a new car. But don't forget which models hold their value best. That quality will determine your future trade-in value and, if you like to lease, can enable low lease payments now.

    Auto website Edmunds.com has announced its annual awards for brands and individual models that hold their value best. At the brand level, Honda Motor Corp. had a double win. Honda won the mainstream award with an average projected retail value of 50.1 percent after five years and Acura took the luxury title with a 45.4 percent value.

    "For many shoppers, the long-term value of a car is one of the biggest deciding factors when they're comparing brands and models," says Joe Spina, Edmunds director of remarketing. "These awards make it easier for shoppers to identify the best return on their purchase if and when they decide to sell it down the road."

    Edmunds picked individual 2014 model winners by category

    Click here for details on winners in seven of the most popular vehicle categories.

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