7 best cities for job seekers in 2017

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    Job hunters often narrow their searches to America's biggest cities, but they might want to cast a glance at some of the country's midsize metropolises.

    The best locations tend to be smaller, Midwestern cities where jobs are plentiful, the cost of living is within reach and worker satisfaction is high, according to a recent report from employment site Glassdoor. While job seekers who want to work in specific industries -- like New York's Wall Street -- may be limited, other workers might benefit from searching farther afield.

    "This report is for people who want to be able to find a job they will be satisfied in relatively easily as well as be able to afford living in their city," said Glassdoor Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain. "While wages in major metropolitan cities tend to normalize based on the local cost of living, the ratio of median base pay to median home value for cities like San Francisco or New York City greatly underpaces that of other midsize cities."

    He added, "Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better."

    Midwestern cities dominate Glassdoor's list, predominately because of their lower cost of living.

    "If a particular city is an expensive place to buy a home or has a low satisfaction rating from its local employees, it likely ranked lower on the list -- even if it's a major metropolis," Chamberlain added.

    New York and San Francisco didn't make the top 25 cities for job seekers, even though they have strong labor markets, because of their high cost of living, according to Glassdoor's study.

    Read on to learn about the seven best cities for job hunters that Glassdoor pinpointed.