6 of the most incredible (and expensive) dorms in the U.S.

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    Photo courtesy of MIT's Division of Student Life

    College living isn't what it used to be.

    The standard dorm used to include beds and desks, and that was pretty much it. Now some students can expect infinity pools, indoor golf, ball pits, private hot tubs, high-tech systems for tracking environmental footprints, spas, private balconies and movie theaters.

    There are even luxury dormitory chains, of sorts, like the Hub on Campus facilities created by the Austin-based developer Core Spaces. These six facilities, including one at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and another at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, have outrageous features typically found in the wildest dreams of even adult high-end condo owners. They include volleyball courts, saunas, private beverage refrigerators, tanning beds and bike storage.

    Not surprisingly, luxe living for co-eds comes with a price to match. Some astonishingly expensive rooms are on this list, some costing more than $7,000 per student per month.

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