6 homes of Olympic athletes

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    This year's Olympic contenders are now moving into their temporary digs in Rio de Janeiro's Olympic Village.

    There have been some hiccups along the way, including Australia refusing to let its athletes move in to the village last week as they said plumbing, electrical and lighting issues made some of the buildings unfit for occupants. Since then, Australian athletes have begun moving in, but representatives from other countries, including Argentina and Sweden, have also complained about the living conditions in the village.

    At the time of this writing, the Olympic Village safety concerns have not been fully addressed, and while some of the college-age athletes could feel perfectly at home in the dorm-like facilities, other athletes may find them to be a far cry from the comfortable pads they left behind in their quest for Olympic gold and glory. They're not required to stay in the Olympic Village during their time in Rio, so some athletes may find outside accommodations for their stay.

    The 31 buildings of this year's Olympic Village can host up to 17,950 athletes and staff in 3,604 apartments, according to the Brazilian government. The two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments have two twin beds in each room, with central living room areas. The high-rise buildings boast numerous amenities, including a gym for last-minute training sessions, a massive dining hall, a recreation area with video games, musical instruments, snooker and table tennis, a multi-faith center, park and swimming pools. Shuttles will also be available to take athletes to the nearby Barra da Tijuca beach.

    Apartments in the buildings will be for sale after the games are over, offering those of us who are less athletic the chance to live like an Olympian. The sales site doesn't currently specify an asking price for any of the units.

    When Team U.S.A. comes back to the States, members will scatter back to their homes across the country. From a $4.4 million Chicago home to a $255,000 four-bedroom house in Arkansas, these homes are as diverse as the athletes themselves.

    Click ahead to see the off-season digs of six of this year's Team U.S.A. Olympians.

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