6 copycat houses that mimic famous homes

  • Photo courtesy of Wendy Harman

    Photo courtesy of Wendy Harman

    Do you want to live in the White House without the hassle of actually running for president? How about relaxing in your very own hobbit house without having to worry about visiting wizards?

    All over the world, architecture and pop culture superfans are taking their devotion to new heights by constructing copycat homes that look like the properties of their idols -- both real and fictional. In Newport Beach, California, sits a luxurious plantation-style home that looks a lot like the iconic Tara from the movie "Gone with the Wind."

    Near Dallas, an oil magnate built himself a version of George Washington's Mount Vernon that's even larger than the original home in Virginia.

    The kicker is that these homes aren't tourist attractions -- the owners reside in the quirky properties full-time.

    Check out these copies of famous homes that let people step into the lives of hobbits, heiresses and world leaders.

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