5 ways your grocery shopping will change in 2016

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    By Jim Gold/MoneyTalksNews

    Need a little wine while wandering supermarket aisles?

    That could be one of the many inducements grocery shoppers encounter if they head to the store in 2016, if they're not staying home ordering their steak, potatoes and detergents online, one expert predicts.

    We go to the store a lot. Americans spent about $638 billion a year at supermarkets in 2014, according to the Food Marketing Institute. However, our average tab, it says, is just $29.90 per visit. Customers averaged 1.5 visits a week in 2015, the institute says.

    "Look for grocers to get creative and enliven what has been a mundane chore," says John Karolefski, veteran supermarket analyst who runs GroceryStories.com.

    Karolefski recently identified the top five trends he expects we'll see in the new year, including continued growth in some trends that are well underway.

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