5 unexpected problems I faced when I became my own boss

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    By Amanda Reaume/Credit.com

    There's a reason why so many people stay happily ensconced in their desk jobs and don't venture out to start the businesses they're dreaming about or the freelance career they've contemplated. Venturing out on your own can be scary and filled with uncertainty.

    Whether you've been planning the transition for years or suddenly pulled the trigger, one thing is certain: You'll encounter challenges that you weren't anticipating.

    Recently, my boyfriend Gio and I started a business together importing and selling fitness and beauty products on Amazon. Both of my grandfathers were entrepreneurs, so you might think that somewhere along the line I would have picked up some of the basic principles of starting and running your own business. Unfortunately, I find myself bumbling through the process like most other first-time business owners.

    Click ahead for a look at a few things that might surprise you.