5 things you should buy in July

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    By Jason Notte/TheStreet

    Just because retailers are advertising July 4th weekend sales doesn't mean it's your patriotic duty to buy what they're selling.

    From a retail perspective, July resembles its position on the calendar: Somewhere in the middle. According to the Census Bureau, when you remove vehicle and auto parts sales from the mix, July's retail sales look fairly similar to those of the other the summer months. Even with Independence Day in the mix, July's numbers don't tend to vary all that much from those of June and August.

    Independence Day, as it turns out, doesn't produce a whole lot of retail fireworks. In the last 20 years, binging on fireworks, hot dogs, hamburgers, outdoor furniture, grills, sunscreen and the like has only made July the peak summer shopping month four times: 2002, 2007, 2008 and 2013. It doesn't snap a cold spell like April, it doesn't send kids back to school like September, it isn't as cold and dead as February and it isn't in quite the same holiday spirit as December. On the surface, it's no big deal.

    Unless you know what you're looking for. Yes, everyone is out and about, but there are certain items that the summer masses aren't looking for that get a sizable discount for those willing to shop offseason. With help from the folks at Dealnews and LifeHacker.com we found a few excuses for shoppers to duck into air conditioned stores as deals heat up.

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