5 things Facebook buried in its IPO filing

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    It's perfectly understandable that companies are often secretive -- although it's a bit ironic in the case of Facebook, whose strategy so clearly depends on peering more closely into the lives of its users. The process of selling shares to the public, however, means it's time to spill the beans. In preparation for its IPO, the company has to file what's known as an S-1 filing with the SEC. In the crush of media coverage, many details have emerged. But some of the juiciest nuggets are buried in small print in the 190-page document.

    We went through and found interesting tidbits that help better explain the company, its strategic directions, and, just possibly, what competitors, investors, and the general public might expect over the next few years. Plus, we found how much the young CEO spends on private jet travel. Read on for the details.

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