5 precut foods and how much more they cost you

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    We're all looking for convenience. And not all of us have the inclination, time, or skills to neatly cut, chop, slice or dice food that we plan to serve to guests or even just cook for dinner.

    That's why grocery stores have so many pre-cut items for sale. Fresh fruits cut into cubes. Vegetables sliced into strips. Diced onions.

    But convenience comes with a price -- usually a price with a significant markup from the original product, according to Consumer Reports' ShopSmart magazine. On occasion, for some, paying that higher price might be worth it. But usually not.

    "Unless you are really strapped for time, there's little reason to pay enormous premiums on most pre-prepped, fresh grocery items," Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmart said.

    Click ahead for five items highlighted by ShopSmart that you can buy at the store whole or precut and see the markup consumers are charged.

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