5 of the best June deals on SUVs

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    Summer holiday weekends typically are some of the best times for finding discounts on new cars. Kelley Blue Book has just come out with its list of the best deals on SUVs for the rest of June and through the Fourth of July weekend.

    With SUV sales at record levels, Kelley analysts focused on deals ranging from small subcompact SUVS up to large models. "Shoppers looking for more cargo flexibility, added ground clearance or just a better view of the road ahead will find a variety of options on this list," said Jack Nerad, executive editorial director and market analyst for kbb.com.

    Lower gasoline prices and SUVs' versatility have led numerous buyers to choose small SUVs instead of midsize sedans, displacing those sedans as the largest-selling category.

    Here's a closer look at five of the Kelley Blue Book lease and cash-back deals. Most are subcompact or compact SUVs, but for families who need to haul more people, one of our featured deals -- the Buick Enclave -- has three rows of seating handling seven people. Prices cited are the Kelley Blue Book fair purchase price, the average selling price.

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