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5 of the best deals on new cars


Bargain hunters always find new-car discounts in late summer as the end of the model year nears. But with auto sales slumping -- down 7 percent in July from a year earlier -- manufacturers are especially eager to clear out their 2017 models before the 2018s arrive.

The result: big rebates, not only on slow-selling sedans but also on pickups and SUVs, which were selling strongly earlier this year. Those slumping sales "are causing a flood of incentives, which is great for car buyers who stand to save significant amounts of money," said a report on the best deals from U.S, News.

That significant amount can range up to the $8,500 being offered on the Chevrolet Silverado pickup.

But don't assume that a sizable rebate is all the savings you can get. First, negotiate the best price you can. Look up the invoice price -- or dealer cost -- for your target vehicle on a site such as Kelley Blue Book. Then start bidding from there -- say $200 over invoice Once you have agreed on a price, then apply the rebate for more savings.

Here is a closer look at five 2017 vehicles with the biggest rebates on offer.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500


General Motors (GM) is offering an $8,500 rebate on list prices that range from $27,786 to $55,275. Reviewers praise the Silverado for its strong towing capacity, the best in its class. They also like the comfortable interior and easy-to-use infotainment system.

The Silverado comes with a V-6 engine rated for 18 MPG in city driving, 24 on the highway. An optional V-8 is rated 16 MPG city, 23 highway.

Ford F-150


Ford (F) is offering a $5,250 rebate on list prices that range from $27,110 to $63,625. Reviewers surveyed by U.S, News rank the F-150 No. 1 among full-size pickups. They praise its powerful turbocharged engines and say its handling is more agile than its competitors.

The standard V-6 engine is rated for 19 MPG in city driving, 26 on the highway.

Ford Fusion


The Fusion carries a rebate of $4,500 on list prices that range from $22,610 to $38,750. Kelley Blue Book praises the redesigned Fusion as one of the best-looking midsize sedans with exceptionally good handling. Unlike some competitors, Fusion offers an all-wheel drive version.

Its turbocharged four-cylinder engines are rated 23 MPG city, 34 highway in the two-wheel drive version and 20 city, 29 highway with all-wheel drive. A gas-electric hybrid version is rated for 43 city, 41 highway.

Hyundai Sonata


Hyundai is offering a $4,100 rebate on Sonata list prices ranging from $21,600 to $34,600. Reviewers praise the Sonata for its comfortable ride and superior cargo space.

Its turbocharged four-cylinder engine is rated for 28 MPG in city driving and 36 on the highway. Like the Ford Fusion, Sonata has a hybrid version, rated at 39 MPG city, 45 highway.

Jeep Renegade


Jeep's jaunty subcompact SUV carries big rebates with regional variations -- $3,000 in the Midwest, $3,500 in the West, Southeast and Gulf States, and $4,500 in the Northeast. List prices on Renegades run from $17,995 to $27,196.

Renegade wins praise for its combination of good performance both on the highway and driving off-road. Test drivers also liked its well-designed cabin. Renegade's turbocharged four-cylinder engine is rated for 22 MPG city, 30 highway in the two-wheel drive version and 21 city, 29 highway with four-wheel drive.

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