5 least (and most) expensive stadiums to watch an NFL game

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    By Andrew DePietro/GOBankingRates

    The 2016 NFL regular season gets underway Sept. 8 when the defending Super Bowl champions Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers in a rematch of Super Bowl 50. The cheapest tickets for that game cost $81, according to Ticketmaster, but even if you score them, there's a good chance you'll shell out money for drinks, food and parking.

    Instead of crunching numbers to figure out the best NFL stadiums to visit, GOBankingRates.com surveyed all 32 NFL teams and determined how much it costs, on average, for two people to attend a home game.

    Taking into account the average ticket price, cost of refreshments and parking, here's your guide to the cheapest and most expensive stadiums to see an NFL game.

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