5 healthy habits to copy from your dog

  • Twenty-three percent of pet toys were found to harbor potentially dangerous staph bacteria - the highest staph percentage of any household item studied. Yeasts and molds infested 55 percent of pet toys, and 14 percent also harbored coliform bacteria. And we continue to let dogs lick our faces? Cleaning tip: Scrub hard pet toys with soap, water, and a mild bleach solution. Soft toys? Chuck them in the washer. istockphoto

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    Think all Fido does is drool and shed? Think again. Your dog may be the best role model for your health.

    If you want to have optimal health and a happier life, some of your dog's habits are worth stealing. We're not talking about the shedding or the drooling - your pup can keep those - but we are talking about his or her love for the outdoors and sunny disposition. From U.S. News' Leslie Quander Woolridge, here are five things your dog loves that are worth trying.

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