5 great deals you can get now on 2015 cars

  • Volkswagen

    With some cars already selling as 2016 models, auto makers are rolling out special offers that make selected 2015s look like bargains.

    As always at this time of year, various brands are offering zero percent financing. Typically, such financing is comes as an either-or choice to a sizable rebate. But this season, if you qualify, you can in some cases get zero percent financing plus a large rebate.

    Getting in on the best deals may depend on what kind of vehicle you want. "Incentives will be smaller on small and midsize SUVs because they're in such high demand right now," said Kelley Blue Book analyst Tim Fleming. But other segments, especially sedans, are full of special deals.

    For those who want a shopping spree at the mall instead of a discount on their car, Volkswagen has come up with a novel offer. On the gasoline Jetta (pictured above) you can get zero percent financing plus a prepaid Visa card worth $1,000. The diesel and hybrid versions of the Jetta are excluded from the offer.

    One word of caution. The zero percent deals are only for those with very strong credit ratings -- usually a FICO score of 720 or more. But even if you don't qualify for the financing, you can still use rebates to reduce the price of your new car. And if it's an either-or deal with financing or rebate, it may make the most sense to get low-rate financing from your bank or credit union and then take the rebate.

    We've chosen the most interesting deals in five categories. Three of these models -- the Chevrolet Cruze, the Cadillac CTS and the Buick Enclave -- are also on our list of the best cars Made in the USA.

    Click ahead for more details on the best summer deals.

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