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5 great deals on a new car


If you are shopping for a new car, Kelley Blue Book has put out a list of the best deals you can find right now.

For buyers, the focus is on the remaining 2015 models with big rebates. "Dealers are still trying to close out many remaining 2015 model new vehicles on their lots," said Jack Nerad, executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book. "So good deals on the 2015 models abound."

For instance, the 2015 Dodge Dart (pictured above) is offering buyers $3,000 cash back. On 2016 models, many of the best deals focus on promotional leases with low monthly payments. We will look at three of these low-payment leases.

Whether buying or leasing, the best deals are for sedans. With gas prices low and SUVs and pickups selling strongly, manufacturers have less incentive to offer bargains on regular cars.

Click ahead for further details on five of the best deals that you can get now.

​2015 Dodge Dart


The Dart is Fiat-Chrysler's sleek-looking entry in the compact sedan competition. Reviewers surveyed by U.S. News praise the Dart for its agile handling and easy-to-use infotainment system. Test drivers found the base four-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine (rated for 24 MPG in city driving, 34 on the highway) a bit underpowered. The optional 1.4-liter turbocharged power plant has more zip and better mileage at 27 city, 37 highway.

Dodge is offering a a $3,000 rebate, bringing Kelley Blue Book's target price down to about $18,500.

​2015 Ford Focus


Reviewers praise the 2015 Focus for its style and well-made, comfortable interior. They say its crisp handling makes it fun to drive. The base four-cylinder engine is EPA rated for 26 MPG in city driving and 38 on the highway. The Focus comes standard with a rearview camera and voice-activated controls on the infotainment system.

Like its competitor the Dart, the Focus carries a $3,000 rebate for buyers. That brings the Kelley target price to about $17,775.

​2016 Toyota Corolla


The Corolla carries the lowest lease payment among our 2016 models here -- $149 a month for three years after a $1,999 down payment.

Reviewers say the Corolla is a good choice for daily commuting, with a comfortable ride and good fuel economy. The four-cylinder base engine is rated for 29 MPG in city driving and 38 on the highway, and the continuously variable transmission also provides solid acceleration.

The Corolla comes with a six-speaker stereo and a 6.1-inch touch-screen display.

​2016 Acura ILX


The ILX is the only luxury brand car in our selection. As luxury buyers expect, it has a comfortable and quiet ride, reviewers say. But for those who want to drive a little harder, it shows agile handling and grips well through curves.

The base four-cylinder engine is rated for 25 MPG in city driving and 36 on the highway -- a strong showing among competitors.

Acura's lease deal is for $229 a month for three years with a $2,499 down payment.

​2016 Ford Fusion


Reviewers like the attractive interior design and the nimble handling in this midsize entry. But they say the base four-cylinder engine -- rated for 22 MPG in city driving, 34 highway -- is underpowered. A better choice is the turbocharged four, with both stronger acceleration and better gas mileage at 25 city, 37 highway.

Test drivers like the quiet interior, with spacious seating for both front and rear passengers.

The Fusion lease deal is for $169 a month for three years with $2,309 down.

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