5 affordable, gas-sipping used luxury cars

  • Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Lincoln Motor Company

    One focus of the climate change summit in Paris this week is on the need to use less gasoline as part of the effort to help limit greenhouse gas emissions. If you've always wanted a luxury car but weren't sure you could afford it, why not get a used one that's more affordable and that also has a high gas mileage rating, and thus a greener profile?

    Even with U.S. gas prices down, high-MPG cars are going to save money in your driving budget. From the list that Edmunds.com keeps of cars that are rated for 30 MPG or more in combined city and highway driving, we selected five luxury 2014 models from various auto makers.

    Three are hybrids, one is a standard gasoline engine and one a diesel. With consumer demand in the current market highest for large SUVs and pickups, it's a good time to get a bargain on these hybrids and other high-MPG cars. So, we looked for 2014 models that are selling for $30,00 or less, according to used-car pricing from Kelley Blue Book and its website kbb.com.

    Click here for a closer look at these gas-sipping luxury cars, starting with the smaller models.

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