4 Places with Astoundingly Low Levels of Depression

Last Updated Jul 28, 2011 12:40 PM EDT

  • 4 Places with Astoundingly Low Levels of Depression

    By Jessica Stillman

    Previously, we reported the results of a new study showing that the world's most depressed countries are also some of the richest. Money, it seems, really doesn't buy happiness.

    But what about the other end of the list? Which of the 18 countries surveyed by the researchers had the lowest levels of depression? The answers may surprise you, especially if you consider poverty, violence and ethnic strife obstacles to mental health.

    Keep in mind, however, this study didn't aim to measure happiness--it was only examining the prevalence of clinical depression. Plenty of people in these countries may be garden variety unhappy, but very few--as little as nine percent--end up with a full-blown mental health issue. (Which may explain why this study isn't in sync with  Kimberly Weisul's rundown of the world's happiest countries.)

    So are the people in these four countries with the lowest depression rates just less willing to admit to depression? Or do they enjoy more family support? Or do they simply have lower expectations for life? The researchers say any one of these factors could be at play.

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