25 highest-paying companies in America

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    With many families suffering from stagnating or declining wages, lots of workers wonder where they might get a foothold in the American dream of higher wages and a comfortable life.

    It's no surprise that some companies tend to pay more than others. Trying to get ahead as a rank-and-file fast-food worker, for instance, probably isn't going to pay off. But at a number of companies, high salaries and good benefits are the norm, according to a new survey from employment site Glassdoor.

    The catch, however, is that earning a role at one of those companies will take training, education and skills. Their hiring is competitive, which means job candidates need to be at the top of their game to earn an offer. The two industries that dominate the list of the country's highest-paying companies are technology and consulting.

    "Salaries are sky-high at consulting companies due to 'barriers of entry' in this field, which refers to employers wanting top consultants to have personal contacts, reputations and specialized skills and knowledge," said Glassdoor chief economist Andrew Chamberlain in a statement. "In technology, we continue to see unprecedented salaries as the war for talent is still very active, largely due to the ongoing shortage of highly skilled workers needed."

    Salaries are top factors for people who are considering accepting a new job, but Glassdoor said its research has found that pay isn't a leading concern when it comes to job satisfaction. Once in the job, issues such as culture, values and carer opportunities rank higher.

    Glassdoor's corporate pay survey is based on wage information reported by U.S.-based workers during the past year.

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