The 22 most dependable airlines in the world

  • Carlos E. Santa Maria/iStockphoto

    Airlines can make even the most patient passenger grumpy at times, with their nickel-and-diming ways and lackluster customer service.

    But when you need to get somewhere relatively quickly, flying is generally the best way to do it.

    And when you need a reliable carrier to get you there, certain airlines stand out as the ones to choose.

    Travel site WanderBat looked across the globe to find which airlines were the most dependable, ranking each carrier in three areas: On-time performance, low costs to check bags, average age of an airline fleet.

    The site came up with a pretty interesting list. You won't find some major U.S. airlines on here, but you will find some surprises -- names you may not be familiar with.

    Click ahead to see the 22 most dependable airlines in the world.

  • Kim Peterson

    Kim Peterson is a financial journalist covering business and the economy. She has written for several online and print publications, including MSN Money and The Seattle Times.