15 Best Cities to Find a (Great) Job

Last Updated May 9, 2011 9:20 AM EDT

  • 15 Best Cities to Find a (Great) Job

    By Jessica Stillman

    With economists assuring that a recovery is underway, one very large question remains: Where are all the jobs? GDP may be expanding again, but both unemployment statistics (especially among the young) and anecdotal evidence reveal that this good news hasn't translated into the millions of jobs Americans need to get back to work. The jobs drought continues. But there is hope.

    Just because the overall picture is less than sunny doesn't mean there aren't bright spots. Recently, online jobs aggregator Indeed.com updated its analysis of jobs postings and discovered that while job hunters in many parts of the country are still vying for too-few openings, there are 15 towns where there's one job opening for each unemployed person. 

    Read on to discover these 15 places and the kind of great jobs you might find there.

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