15 AAA discounts you're missing out on

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    By Charlene Oldham/GOBankingRates

    Many people associate AAA with roadside breakdowns and other car-related crises. However, AAA offers much more than emergency jump-starts or help when you've locked your keys in the car.

    AAA is a nonprofit federation of affiliated motor clubs with more than 1,100 offices and 55.6 million members throughout the U.S. and Canada. Annual dues for a new primary membership range from $48 to $96, depending on the affiliate chosen. In exchange, members get access to a variety of AAA benefits, including 24-hour roadside assistance, free trip-planning tools, free identity theft monitoring, insurance services and a wide range of shopping, entertainment and dining discounts.

    In fact, even long-time members might not be aware of all the benefits and discounts that come with using a card. So, if you've only called AAA for emergencies, or if you're considering investing in a membership for the first time, take time to review these discounts available to members.