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11 jobs that pay at least $100K at top U.S. employers

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Earning a six-figure salary remains a hallmark of success in America, especially as many workers are struggling after almost two decades of stagnating wages.

Median household income stood at $56,500 in 2014, which is still 2.4 percent below what the typical household earned at the peak in 1999. That may be one reason the competition is tougher than ever to secure a top-paying job, especially at companies that earn high marks for benefits, culture and investment in their employees.

Employment site Glassdoor has crunched the numbers on salaries at the 50 companies it recently ranked as the best places to work, and it discovered 11 diverse jobs that provide annual pay of at least $100,000. While the jobs range from tech-focused careers to marketing, they all share one thing in common: They require either a college degree or an advanced degree.

"That's a reason why these jobs pay so highly, because the number of people who are actually qualified is fairly low," said Glassdoor spokeswoman Allison Berry. "These companies are competitive to work for, especially after being named the best to work for, but that doesn't mean that job seekers should be hesitant to apply. There are a lot of different job opportunities at these companies, and at a lot of different locations."

The companies tend to invest in corporate culture, provide excellent benefits and provide job growth and career opportunities.

"Not only can you work for a company that's really great, you can get paid really well," Berry said. Read on to learn about 11 jobs that pay at least $100,000 at some of America's best employers.

11. Project Manager, Genentech: $112,204

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Biotech company Genetech says it employs "some of the greatest minds in biotech." But not all of its job openings are for scientists and engineers. The South San Francisco-based company also has positions in fields ranging from marketing to facility operations.

Project managers at Genentech earn a median base salary of $112,204, Glassdoor found. They manage teams to oversee a specific plan and typically have a bachelor's degree in a related field and several years of experience.

Genentech employees gave high marks to the company for its benefits, professional development and tuition reimbursement program.

10. Program Manager, Texas Instruments: $115,570

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This semiconductor giant currently has more than 200 jobs posted at Glassdoor, with most focused on engineering and design. Program managers at the Dallas-based company earn a median salary of $115,570.

Employees at Texas Instruments (TXN) praise its flexible work hours and drive to create the next generation of technical leaders, Glassdoor said.

9. Brand Manager, Nestlé Purina PetCare: $120,277

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Brand managers, who earn a median base salary of $120,277, are in charge of marketing for Purina's lines of business, which include Friskies cat food and Purina Dog Chow. Requirements include a bachelor's degree and experience in brand marketing.

Nestle (NSRGY) earns kudos for its perks such as pet adoption reimbursement, six months of maternity leave and tuition reimbursement.

8. Senior Interaction Designer, Intuit: $123,149

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Intuit (INTU) may be most familiar to Americans for its tax-prep software, such as TurboTax and QuickBooks. Many of its jobs are tech-focused, such as in software engineering, but it also has nontech jobs such as in financial forecasting, paralegal work and tax support.

Senior interaction designers, who help oversee the design of the company's products, earn a median base salary of $123,149, Glassdoor found. Employees praise Intuit's benefits and perks, such as fertility assistance and child care, as well as its Silicon Valley-based campus.

7. Global Supply Manager, Apple: $129,365

Mark Lennihan, AP

Apple's (AAPL) core is in creating tech products like iPhones and MacBooks, but the company also hires in fields ranging from operations to marketing. Global supply managers, who earn a base salary of $129,365, are in charge of sourcing strategies for the materials that Apple needs to build its products.

Employees give Apple high marks for its benefits and teamwork.

6. Product Manager, Adobe: $132,564

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Product managers at software company Adobe (ADBE) earn a median base salary of $132,564 while overseeing the development of its products.

Adobe's benefits and its culture of encouraging decision-making receive positive reviews from its employees.

5. Senior Analyst, Forrester: $133,034

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While not a household name, Forrester (FORR) is a go-to firm for tech consulting and research. Senior analysts at the company earn a median base salary of $133,034.

Employees at the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company say they like its passion and commitment to integrity.

4. Data Scientist, Facebook: $133,768

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Social-media giant Facebook (FB) isn't only one of the best places to work but offers a host of high-paying jobs at its brands, which include Instagram and Occulus. Data scientists earn a median base salary of $133,768, Glassdoor found.

Perks include fertility and adoption assistance, as well as free lunches and performance bonuses. Employees say they enjoy the benefits as well as the friendly workplace culture.

3. Marketing Manager, Clorox: $142,286

Paul Sakuma, AP

Even though its an old-school American company, Clorox's (CLX) salaries aren't stuck in the past. Marketing managers at the Oakland, California-based company earn a median base salary of $142,286.

Work-life balance is highly valued at Clorox, according to employee reviews. Workers also say it provides opportunities for career growth.

2. Research Scientist, Google: $145,220

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Google's (GOOG) jobs span the gamut, from tech-focused roles to those in marketing and finance. The company is hiring research scientists to work at a number of its offices, including in New York and Zurich. Glassdoor found that the the median base pay for the role stands at $145,220.

Google employees laud the company for its perks, such as free lunches and performance bonuses, as well as its dedication to keeping staff happy.

1. Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company: $175,514

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McKinsey & Co. is known as one of the world's top management consulting firms, although it likes to keep quiet about its customers. Engagement managers, who earn a median base salary of $175,514, work directly with client executives and oversee a team of analysts and associates.

Employees say working at the company gives an excellent grounding in business, although long hours can be a downside.

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