10 signs of a scary real estate listing

  • Lack of photos

    Photo courtesy of Zillow

    If you can't find interior photos of a home, you won't be able to see the skeletons in the closets.

    "If there are no interior photos, there's something wrong with the house," said Bloomington, Indiana, Realtor Deb Tomaro. "A seller should be yelling at their Realtor if there are not any pictures [in the listing] and the house is show-ready."

    A listing with no interior photos -- like this $7.9 million Victorian in San Francisco -- could be hiding problems, and there's no way to tell upfront. This should be a major warning sign for buyers, many of whom begin their real estate searches online.

    Similarly, watch out for listings that offer no or very little description of the home.

    "That means the agent either isn't very good at their job or they can't think of anything good to say about the house," Tomaro said.

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