10 of the world's most iconic packages

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    Has there ever been a product package as iconic as the Tiffany & Co. (TIF) box?

    Normally, sales packaging holds little significance beyond its practical designs. A box or bag is torn open to reveal its contents and then discarded without a second thought. Not so with Tiffany, whose robin's egg-blue box is so beloved that the company now sells a tiny version of it as a $250 charm. The box has inspired table centerpieces, wedding decorations and party cakes.

    In many ways, the jewelry and design store's signature packages have become more valuable to the company than what they contain. And in that respect, Tiffany has hit the product packaging jackpot. The box was named by Adweek last month as the world's most popular package.

    Tiffany isn't the only company closely identified with its packaging. Other containers have taken on a cultural resonance as well. Some are instantly recognizable, while some evoke fond memories or feelings of anticipation.

    "A good package design, which is disruptive, defiant and daring, often resonates with the zeitgeist of the times," Dan Balan, CEO of business transformation firm Fastraqq, told CBS MoneyWatch. It authenticates the company and extends the brand over time, he added.

    Read on to see nine other memorable packages.

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