10 most expensive items ever listed on eBay

  • 10 most expensive items ever listed on eBay

    Houses for sales in Bridgeville, Calif. AP

    Bridgeville, Calif.

    Houses for sale in Bridgeville, Calif.Anyone want to buy a town? Bridgeville, Calif., and its 30 or so residents have been on the auction block three times since 2002, when the northern California community became the first town ever to sell on eBay. The winning bid -- $1.77 million. That got you an 83-acre town including eight houses, a cafe, and a post office.

    Oh, and a hell of a view. Laguna Hills, Calif., mortgage banker Bruce Krall, who owned Bridgeville from 2004 to 2006, said in an interview with The Orange County Register that in the town "at night, when the clouds roll in over those mountains, it's spectacular."

    But being owned is unpredictable -- and potentially tragic. Bridgeville's most recent owner, a 25-year-old college student, committed suicide in Los Angeles in 2006 only a few months after buying the town from Krall for $1.25 million.