10 most affordable U.S. cities to retire

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    Finding a place to retire comfortably -- both physically and financially -- doesn't have to be a daunting task.

    Many attractive and interesting cities across the U.S. also offer a low cost of living and manageable tax burden. The upshot: There are a lot of options for soon-to-be retirees looking to keep costs under control while enjoying their golden years.

    In fact, most Americans approaching retirement are looking to find a new homestead. According to a recent Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate survey, at least some Baby Boomers have survived the financial crisis in good enough shape to look forward to their retirement years.

    Most of the survey respondents said they weren't satisfied staying in place: 57 percent plan to move out of their current home, while 22 percent plan to buy an additional home during their retirement years. Many are looking for a more rural, small town experience (39 percent), followed by a traditional retirement community (27 percent) and a more urban environment (26 percent).

    We looked at places that fit those descriptions and considered a number of factors -- with a focus on low-tax states with a reasonable cost of living and low median home prices -- to determine 10 of the most affordable places around the country to retire. We then factored in other elements that many retirees might find desirable, including a mix of urban and rural attractions, good weather, easy access to amenities, and quality healthcare options.

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