10 interview mistakes that could cost you your next job

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    By Caroline Banton/GOBankingRates

    Knowing what to do in an interview -- and what not to do -- can make or break your job hunt. Apart from the more obvious interview mistakes, such as a poor appearance, limp handshake or lack of eye content, some mistakes may not immediately come to mind. Kevin Robson, a London-based recruitment consultant with Capable Consultants Limited said, "Candidate mistakes can reflect a lack of respect, a lack of desire or both."

    Respect during an interview is paramount. "One of my personal favorites was when a candidate came into the office with 'Eye of the Tiger' playing on their smartphone," said Val Matta, Vice President of Business Development at CareerShift. "I understand the intention -- to show excitement about the job ... however, it doesn't really say anything about what kind of employee the young man was going to be."

    Here are 10 more interview mistakes you'll want to avoid at all costs.

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