10 homes you can buy for $850,000

  • Photo courtesy of Zillow

    How much house can you buy for $850,000?

    At more than four times the national median home value, which is currently $201,900 according to Zillow, these are homes and buildings where upgraded amenities are the norm. It's uncommon to find a home at this price point that doesn't have hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and high-quality kitchen countertops. They also often come with spa-like master bathrooms, large guest suites and ample storage.

    Of course, as usual with real estate, what you get at this price point depends entirely on the location. In midsize cities like Atlanta, $850,000 could buy 4,432 square feet and a professionally landscaped property. In larger metro areas like New York City, a buyer with that budget could find 750 square feet in a building with an elevator and a 24-hour doorman.

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