10 homes you can buy for $500,000

  • Photo courtesy of Zillow

    Half a million dollars can buy a mansion in some markets. In others, not so much.

    These homes are more than 2.5 times more expensive than the national median home value of $195,300, as calculated by Zillow. But that doesn't mean you'll get 2.5 times more space.

    In San Francisco or New York City, $500,000 doesn't go very far. In these pricey metro areas, you'll find lots of studio condos and co-ops with 400 square feet or less in this price range. However, building amenities like rooftop decks may provide a little more space for the money.

    In the middle of the country, on the other hand, buyers can find home in Topeka and Indianapolis with about 6,000 square feet of living space on large lots with amenities like swimming pools, home theaters and three- or four-car garages.

    Click ahead to see 10 homes you can buy for $500,000 in cities across the country.

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