10 homes you can buy for $200,000

  • Photo courtesy of Zillow

    Want to get a sense of what the "average" American home has to offer? The $200,000 price range is a good place to start looking.

    In downtown Atlanta, $200,000 can buy a 809-square-foot condo with hardwood floors and granite countertops. In Baltimore, it can buy a 1,125-square-foot house with stainless steel appliances and a finished basement. The listings for $200,000 homes often boast recent renovations that bring these properties up-to-date with new floors, paint and appliances.

    That's not to say these homes aren't unique. Depending on where you search, $200,000 could get you a secluded log cabin or a condo with a spa-like master bath. Despite being just $1,900 less than the current national median home value, which is currently $201,900 according to Zillow, getting the most bang for your buck at this price is all about finding the right location.

    In midsize cities like Indianapolis, $200,000 could buy a 2,749-square-foot house, but in the Bronx that budget is more likely to buy a 900-square-foot apartment.

    Click ahead to see what you can buy for $200,000 in 10 cities across the country.

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