10 home renovations that will pay you back

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    By Alaina Tweddale/GOBankingRates

    When it's time to remodel, many homeowners want to choose the projects that offer the greatest potential to recoup their financial outlay. It's understandable: The average bathroom remodel costs more than $16,000, a garage addition can cost more than $50,000 and adding a master suite or second floor can easily cost six figures, according to Remodeling's "2015 Cost vs. Value" report.

    From small to large, there are home renovations that can enhance the quality of your experience in your home, as well as the overall value of your property.

    Click ahead for a look at several home renovations that could help make your home more enjoyable while you occupy it, and offer the biggest bang for your buck for when it comes time to sell, according to home improvement and real estate professionals.

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