10 bargain destinations for your late-summer vacation

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    By Jason Notte/TheStreet

    July 4th weekend is over, but the best summer vacation deals are still out there if you're willing to look.

    July 4th weekend travel isn't a great deal for anyone, mostly because just about everyone has a day off to burn and has the brilliant idea of hitting the roads or skies with everyone else. AAA notes that 41.9 million people were expected to make trips of 50 miles or more for July 4th weekend. That was the largest July 4th crowd since 2007, spurred on by sub-$3 gas prices that were an average of 88 cents less than they were last year.

    However, as the folks at travel site Hopper note, the best weeks to travel during the summer haven't arrived yet. With few exceptions, the last two weeks in August are a great window for summer travel. Even with domestic airfare prices down 10 percent this summer, those waning summer weeks can knock $80 to $100 off the price of a flight to New York, San Francisco, Orlando or Miami. Leave on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and you can knock another $40 off the ticket price.

    Rick Seaney, founder and chief executive of travel site FareCompare, notes that airfare in late August can drop 10 percent to 22 percent from the peak summer travel dates. Why? Because much of the nation just spent its entire summer traveling and is worn out. Many of those who do have the energy left to take another trip will have to expend it taking their kids back to college or shopping for school clothes and supplies. That means you could wait out the travel industry and take advantage of the off-peak pricing of post-Labor Day September through early November, but you'd get none of the weather.

    With help from the folks at Hopper and TripAdvisor, were were able to narrow down the list of late-summer destinations to the following ten. They're inexpensive, but we'd still advise booking sooner rather than later.

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