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Anti-Zimmerman Demonstrators Disrupt Traffic On 10 Freeway, Crenshaw Boulevard

CRENSHAW ( — Crowds of anti-Zimmerman protesters shut down part of the 10 Freeway in Crenshaw Sunday evening.

About 200 demonstrators stood on the freeway to block traffic.

Many held signs with Trayvon Martin's likeness, other held signs asking for "justice" and "peace."

Traffic was stopped on the EB and SB 10 Freeway for about 30 minutes.

Another group splintered off from this group and disrupted traffic on Crenshaw Boulevard, said police.

In the 10 Freeway protest, there were reports that some of the protesters threw water bottles, batteries and rocks at police near 39th and Crenshaw.

Officers called for back up at the off-ramp and on-ramp at Vernon and Leimert to keep more protesters off the freeway.

Authorities told CBS2's Art Barron that no arrests have been made. He said police were on city-wide tactical alert.

Officials also told Barron they used rubber bullets to push the crowd back. The group that commandeered the 10 Freeway reportedly splintered off from an earlier peaceful crowd with some of those imploring protesters to not block traffic.

The freeway reopened about 6:45 p.m.

Following the protest, KCAL9's Brittney Hopper said one arrest was made and that while officers remain on tactical alert, no officers were allowed to go off duty.

She also said what was "briefly a scary situation, is now peaceful."

LAPD Commander Andrew Smith said the force would make sure that everyone was able to express their First Amendment rights "but will make sure it remains peaceful and that no one gets hurt."

He said the city would remain on tactical alert as long as necessary.

Demonstrations have also been reported on Crenshaw Boulevard and Wilshire Boulvard.

Police faced off with demonstrators  on Crenshaw Boulevard where some protesters darted in and out of the street to disrupt traffic starting around 8:15 p.m.

Reporting from the scene, Greg Mills reporting for KCAL9 called it "a rowdy scene." He said some people pounded on the news van windows, "or they pounded on the side of the truck."

It was unclear if the Wilshire demonstration -- at La Brea -- also included protesters trying to block the road.

The demonstration ultimately moved to the Hollywood area where they blocked traffic at Hollywood Boulevard and Orange.

A large group of demonstrators made it over to Hollywood Boulevard and Highland, according to police. There a crowd picked up support from people leaving the Hollywood Bowl and tourists.

From there, the original protesters said they would return to the Leimert Park area.

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