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Zero-bail policy back in effect for LA County

Zero-bail policy back in effect for LA County
Zero-bail policy back in effect for LA County 01:57

The controversial zero-bail policy went back into effect Wednesday, May 24, after an LA Superior Court judge granted a preliminary injunction that blocks the city and county from requiring cash bail from people who haven't been arraigned yet.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, it only impacts individuals arrested for misdemeanors and non-violent felonies. Those arrested for sexual offenses, domestic violence and offenses involving weapons will be exempt from the zero-bail policy.

LAPD also added those with repeat offenses while out on no bail can be made subject to a cash payment.

On May 16, Superior Court Judge Lawrence Riff ruled in a lawsuit, Urquidi v. City of Los Angeles, that seeks to end the use of cash bail. 

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Phillip Urquidi, Terilyn Goldson, Daniel Martinez, Arthur Lopez, Susana Perez, and Gerardo Campos, all of whom are in jail because, as they claim, they and their families could not afford to pay the arbitrary amounts dictated by the bail schedule.   

Opponents of this preliminary injunction warn that there no doubt that it is likely to have a major impact on public safety. 

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