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'Get The F--- Out Of My Car,' Driver Tells YouTube Star 'Asian Andy' After Holocaust 'Jokes'

HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — A YouTube star who has made his name posting outrageous content online is admitting his last stunt might've gone too far.

Fans of the online celebrity who goes by the handle "Asian Andy" pay to have their comments read aloud, with the purpose of annoying unsuspecting members of the public during the recording of his videos.

During a recent trip booked through a ride-hailing app, he achieved his goal to an insulting degree.

A recently uploaded video shows Andy getting into the car. A digital voice assistant then begins reading off comments.

On the screen, it shows a user named GR paid $5, and a "text from Jack" went out saying, "Oy Vey, I'm pretty sure the Holocaust never happened. Why do we always hear about it?"

Both Andy and driver Aaron Wyrick smile nervously.

"Hail Hitler. Hitler did nothing wrong," the digital speaker says. That was uttered after user abdelqoddousferdous donated another $5.

That's when Wyrick tells Andy, "Get the f--- out of my car," to which Andy immediately complies.

"Thank you, sir. Have a good day," replies Andy.

"All Jews are my family," Wyrick told CBS2 News Wednesday. "My family lost six-and-a-half million people in the Holocaust.[...] I have a good sense of humor, but when you talk about slavery, you talk about the Holocaust, things like that, I can't stand for that, so he had to go."

Andy, whose YouTube channel has racked up more than 30 million views, told CBS2 his stunts aren't meant to be hateful, but the paying users' comments could be considered offensive by some.

"It's more of like a — just playing out the outrageousness of the circumstances," Andy told CBS2.

Of Wyrick taking offense to the comments, Andy said, "Oh, 100 percent. It's a hundred percent understandable, and I sympathize with him."

Wyrick told CBS2 this type of behavior can have serious consequences down the line.

"People that wanna forget this, people that wanna make light of this — this is how it's gonna happen again," warned Wyrick.

Wyrick said he would like Andy to publicly apologize.

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