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Young Mountain Lion Confirmed To Be Living In Griffith Park

LOS ANGELES ( — Officials believe a mountain lion has managed to cross at least two freeways to settle down at Griffith Park.

A motion-triggered camera that surveys wildlife in the park captured an image in February of the 3-year-old male known as P-22, according to the Los Angeles Times, who was later captured and fit with a locator collar.

It's the first time a mountain lion has been confirmed to be living in the park, despite reports of sightings which were dismissed by biologists.

P-22 is believed to have traveled up to 20 miles from the Santa Monica Mountains, past the Hollywood (101) and San Diego (405) freeways to make its home in the eight-square-mile park, the newspaper reported.

Mountain lions, also known as pumas or cougars, generally avoid human contact, so biologists don't believe he'll be a threat to the people that visit Griffith Park every day. P-22 has apparently made his home in the rugged backcountry of the park, biologists said.

The park's plentiful mule deer is believed to have drawn P-22, but biologists believe he will eventually leave Griffith Park to seek out a mate.



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