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You Wear It, You Own It: Bloomingdale's Attaches Bulky Tag To Dresses To Curb Returns

STUDIO CITY ( — The days of one-and-done dresses are over—at least at Bloomingdale's.

The retailer has attached what they call "b-tags" to high-end dresses in an effort to curb customers from returning used merchandise.

The three-inch black plastic devices are on dresses more than $150 in visible places like the hemline, which means women won't be able to hide it when they wear it.

Once the tag is removed, it can't be returned.

Kathryn Wilkins, an associate at Limelight Boutique in Studio City, said the tags are a great idea. She said customers try to return used clothing at least two times a week.

"White silk shirt with yellow pit stains, so not too great. People will try to do what they can to get their money back," she said.

Allison Moss, the co-owner of Mimi & Hy in Studio City, believes "b-tags" are necessary so the retailer isn't left hanging.

"Department stores have a reputation of having really flexible return policies and you know, I think they need to draw the line somewhere," she said.

CBS2's Rachel Kim reported that the "b-tag" comes with removal instructions. Online shoppers are warned that the dress will arrive tagged.

"People like to take advantage and they think, 'If I wear this once, I can return it.' But it really doesn't work out that way," said Wilkins.

The practice of returning something that is worn and non-defective is called "wardrobing." The National Retail Federation said it's a growing problem that cost the industry $8.8 billion last year.

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