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Even Your Skin Can Go Green!

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — You have likely heard the saying you are what you eat, but now many believe that is also true about the products you put on your body.

The business of natural skin care is booming. We visited one shop that is all about going green and they told us some skin-deep tips you should know.

"No chemicals whatsoever," proclaimed Stacey Stilts, the owner of Green Line Beauty.

After decades in the natural beauty industry, Stilts decided to open a store where au natural is oh so important.

"As we know, our skin is the largest organ and it absorbs everything. So why are we eating so healthy and not doing great things for our skin and our body," she asked?

From mineral make-up, to deodorants, to the greenest magic for your face, she says this is not just about looking good.

"It makes me feel better to know what I'm putting on isn't hurting me or my baby," said Jordan Shapiro, who is mother with another little one on the way.

Now there is a lot of research going on, but nothing clear cut that says going natural with your skin and body care is better for you. It is a matter of choice.

But Stacey says that wherever you shop, be aware that just because it says natural does not mean it is. Look for products without toxins, chemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes.

This brings us to some of Green Line Beauty's bestsellers, such as Sircuit Cosmeceuticals O-M-G, which is like an anti- aging green drink for your face. There is also an energy mist by ISUN that is derived from gold. The best-selling make-up line in the store is Janer Iredale, a compact that is great.

"You would be shocked, people come in with discoloration, one swipe and it is gone," she said.

But it is not all beauty here; this is all in the family. There is a section for babies for men and of course, don't forget the pets.

So if you are headed in a natural beauty direction, Stacey hopes you will take the Green Line -- Green Line Beauty that is.

Most green cosmetics cost the same as their regular counterparts. There is something for every budget.

Stacey says you can find good natural products in many places. To start off, you may want to try a natural deodorant. Just know that the shelf life of green products is usually shorter – six to eight months.

For more information on Green Line Beauty visit them at


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