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Yorba Linda Tops List Of Highest Debt-Ridden California Cities

YORBA LINDA (CBSLA)  -- Hey brother, can you spare a dime?

Maybe you don't want to ask this in Yorba Linda.

That Orange County city tops the list of highest debt-ridden cities in California.

Not a distinction that folks there want to boast about.

CBS2/KCAL9 reporter Stacey Butler spoke to residents who were at least keeping their sense of humor in check.

"I'm shocked. I mean I never would have guessed that this city would be the highest in debt. Just doesn't make any sense to me," says Marty Brand.

Who would have thought?

The city known for its conservative values and the Richard Nixon Presidential Library -- just ranked the highest debt-ridden city in the state.

"I've always considered this area very conservative, so I would think part of being conservative is being very on top of your money," says Kathleen Reddington who grew up here. "I don't really know what to say because I'm just so surprised."

The online lending marketplace Lending Tree looked at the accrued debt of California cities with a population of at least 50,000. They found Yorba Linda -- dubbed the City of Gracious Living -- is tops.

"Everyone wants to try to keep up with the Jones'," laughs Natalia Sell. "So that's the land of gracious living so that makes sense to me."

CA Cities with Highest Average Personal Loan Debt?

Yorba Linda $12,227.78
Santa Clarita $6,031.22
Temecula $5,921.40

According to the study, Yorba Linda also leads the state in car debt.

Yorba Linda $25,615.38
Santa Clarita $21,671.52
Temecula $18,753.38

"If that's the actual conclusion, I mean, just look in the parking lot," says Alan Zakharin."There are a lot of nice cars here in Yorba Linda."

No kidding.

"I see Porsches, I see Jaguars. I see Benz's and Beemers. If that's that's where people want to put their money, that's where they want can put their money."

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