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Wreckage From World Trade Center Served As Backdrop For 9/11 Tribute Saturday At Richard Nixon Presidential Library

YORBA LINDA (CBSLA) - A 9/11, 20 year anniversary tribute held Saturday at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda featured 23 tons of wreckage from the World Trade Center, brought in specifically to serve as the ceremony's backdrop.

The 23 tons of wreckage arrived with a motorcade, sirens, a helicopter accompaniment and throngs of people who came out to remember the fallen.

"In my view, it is the preeminent 9/11 ceremony of the west coast," Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said.

Tom Frost lost his, daughter Lisa Frost, 20 years ago today. She was onboard the second plane that hit the south tower on 9/11 and had been on her way home to Orange County.

"I'm Tom Frost. My daughter is Lisa Frost. She's on my chest, close to my heart," Frost said. "Lisa was just the dearest, sweetest gift I ever received. I miss her so much."

Lisa was honored, along with thousands of other victims who lost their lives, including first responders who rushed in to help 20 years ago today.

"They all have a similar significance, but this ceremony today at the Richard Nixon Library...It was beautiful," Frost said.

The ceremony also included musical interludes from a local high school band and choir, as well as featured the enlistment of five new, future soldiers into the Army.

Afterward, folks like john Nelson got up close to check out the steel wreckage, a teaching moment for his young sons.

"I want them to make up their own mind, but for them to see the kinds of things that can have to be aware of it," Nelson said.

For Frost, Saturday marked another opportunity for him to share his daughter's story and keep her legacy alive. She would have turned 42-years-old this year.

Officials at the Richard Nixon Library say the steel wreckage from the World Trade Center will remain on display in the parking lot, available 24 hours a day, until Sept. 18.

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