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World's Most Expensive Coffee Costs $75 A Cup; Now Being Sold In Southern California

SAN DIMAS (CBSLA) — The world's most expensive coffee may leave some Southern Californians with the jitters – but not from the caffeine.

Klatch Coffee Roasters has procured 10 pounds of the exclusive Elida Natural Geisha coffee to split among its Southern California stores. At $1,200 a pound after roasting, each hot cup will cost a cool $75.

"I will definitely pay a premium, but $75 -- probably not going to be happening for one cup," customer Kevin Gandy said.

The unroasted coffee is imported from Panama and set a world record price of $803 per pound at the Best of Panama coffee competition. It's available only from Klatch Coffee in North America.

The coffee company says Geisha is a rare variety of Arabica coffee that came to Panama from a research lab in Costa Rica, with origins in Ethiopia. It's known for its floral, tea-like and stone fruit flavors.

CBS2 reporter Tina Patel, an self-described tea drinker, sampled a cup and agreed that the coffee tasted fruity, much like tea -- before handing it off to a colleague.

The rare and expensive coffee will be available at Klatch locations in Redondo Beach, San Dimas, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, and LAX.

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