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Woman Seen Being Beaten By CHP Officer Finally Breaks Her Silence

LOS ANGELES (  –   Marlene Pinnock, the woman being shown beaten by a CHP officer on a driver's cell phone video, is finally speaking out.

CBS2's Art Barron reported Pinnock -- a 51-year-old grandmother described as a homeless woman -- has only been talking to her family and lawyers since the videotape appeared last month.

She is now speaking out to reporters. On Sunday she spoke to CBS News' Carter Evans.

Marlene Pinnock
Marlene Pinnock, pictured here in a 2009 photo, was awarded $1.5 million in a civil settlement for the July assault on the 10 Freeway. (credit: Pinnock's attorney Caree Harper)

The CHP officer is shown punching Pinnock in the head, repeatedly, as she lay prone and motionless on the ground on July 1.

"He just pulled me, brutally, threw me down, started beating me," Pinnock told Evans. "Banging me, trying to kill me. Trying to beat me to death. Take my life away. For no reason. I did nothing to him."

They are, Barron reports, strong allegations made against Daniel L. Andrew, the CHP officer named in the federal lawsuit.

With her attorney, Caree Harper, by her side Sunday, Pinnock watched the video for the first time.

"I can't believe that he just threw me down and started beating me and started treating me ugly and making me feel nasty, by exposing me."

Pinnock said she feared for her life.

She also said the officer ripped her clothes and exposed her buttocks to passing motorists -- intentionally.

"I knew I was exposed and I was trying to pull down my other garment," she said, "another garment I had on under the dress, a pink garment that hung down."

The CHP officer was responding to reports that a woman was walking on the roadway near the La Brea exit of the 10 Freeway.

When asked why Pinnock was walking there in the first place, her attorney stepped in to say she was not under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance at the time.

"She could potentially face charges for a misdemeanor or an infraction," Harper said.

Pinnock is still being treated for her injuries, Barron reported. She said she still suffers from bruising and other physical pain.

"I have temple pain that comes in and out of my temple," Pinnock told Evans "I have a tooth problem."

She said she was also grateful to the man who shot the video.

"That footage helps prove that what I'm saying is the truth, and I'm really grateful for that," Pinnock said.

A spokesperson for the CHP told Barron Sunday that the CHP would not confirm the officer's identity until their investigation is completed. The spokesperson said the investigation would be complete in several weeks.

The officer named in the lawsuit is currently assigned to "non road patrol duties" pending the outcome of the investigation.

[Editor's Note: For anyone interested in making a financial donation to Pinnock, go to any Wells Fargo branch and deposit to account #5052]


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