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Woman Says Her Ex Sold Her Puppy On Craigslist Without Her Permission

SANTA CLARITA (CBSLA)  -- A heartsick Santa Clarita woman recently broke up with her boyfriend -- but his leaving her has nothing to do with her pain.

Ashley Farley told CBS2/KCA9's Rachel Kim the ex sold her adorable Pomeranian puppy on Craigslist without her knowledge or permission.

And now she is desperate to get the dog back.

"She's about five pounds, she's 5-months [old] today, and she was like my heart and soul," says Farley.

She says she got Ella on May 5 and they were inseparable.

"As soon as I saw her, I just felt this connection that I've never felt with any other dog I've had," Farley says.

She says they've been separated for just over a week -- after she found out her ex sold her pooch.

"I can't explain the empty feeling I felt and how I felt my heart just drop to the bottom of my stomach," Farley says.

An aspiring singer, Farley, 25, says Ella has been her emotional support dog because she's been suffering from anxiety and depression since moving to Los Angeles from Nevada to pursue her music career.

Farley says when she came home from work on June 11th, she discovered Ella was gone. She asked her ex what was going on?

She asked, '"Where's my dog?' He looked at me with the most spiteful smile that I've ever seen someone give anybody. He said babe, I sold her while you were at work today and it's over. I'm leaving you."

Farley says she started dating her ex three months ago and they never had a problem. So she's shocked at what he did. She says later that night, he sent her a video and text saying he sold Ella to a couple in Lancaster.

Farley recalls, "He said, look, Ella is safe and sound in her new home, you'll never see her again."

Ella's crate and toys are still in Farley's living room. She hopes someone will realize Ella was stolen and return her as soon as possible.

"If you have a heart and you love dogs and you want her to be happy, please just bring her back to me," Farley says.

She says Ella is microchipped and needs medicine to battle an infection.

If you have seen Ella or know of her whereabouts, you're asked to call the Santa Clarita Sheriff's Station.

As for the ex, Farley says he is back in Florida, where he is from.

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