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Hesperia Woman Hopes To Reunite Owner With Wedding Dress That Tumbled Off Truck

HESPERIA ( — A Hesperia woman was shocked to find a keepsake inside a box on the side of a freeway last week and is determined to find its owner.

"This box flew out and ended up on the side of the freeway," said Debra Johnston, a Hesperia resident.

Johnston said she had no idea that what was inside could be a potentially precious keepsake.

"I sped up and tried to catch the guy driving, and I was like waving at him, but he didn't see me," she said.

Johnston made the discovery Friday while headed home to Hesperia on the northbound 15 Freeway near Glen Helen Parkway.

Johnston, a mother of three, went back to get the mystery box.

"I didn't know what was in it. I just threw it in my trunk and got back on the freeway," she said.

When she arrived at her house, she gave in to her curiosity.

"When I got home, and I opened it. it was a big wedding dress," she said. "I was like, 'Ohhh, it's a wedding dress. There's going to be a very unhappy bride right now.' "

Although difficult to put a price tag on the sentimental value of a dress, the dollar amount could be between a few hundred to a few thousand.

"For them to have it in the nice keepsake box, trying to keep it really pretty and save it, I figure they probably want it back," she said.

Johnston says she can't remember the color of the truck, which was likely a Chevy. She says there were other boxes on the truck, so it's possible someone was in the middle of a move.

Until someone claims it, she vows to keep it safe.

For those with more information about the dress and/or its owners, please email:

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