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Woman driving with a rabbit crashes into Lyft driver, then hits utility box, fire hydrant in downtown LA

Crash into Lyft driver, hydrant takes out power in Downtown LA
Crash into Lyft driver, hydrant takes out power in Downtown LA 00:43

A bizarre crash in downtown LA early Wednesday morning involved a fire hydrant, a Lyft driver, and a rabbit.

Police were called to the scene of a crash at Washington Boulevard and South Broadway in downtown LA at about 3:45 p.m., where they found a fire hydrant gushing and a damaged utility box.

(credit: CBS)

A woman had broadsided a Lyft with a passenger inside before crashing into the utility box and the fire hydrant. The subsequent crash took out power to the area, which was alongside Metro Blue Line train tracks.

Police say it's unclear why the woman lost control of her car, but she did have a rabbit in the car with her.

The woman and the Lyft driver were not injured, but the male Lyft passenger was taken to a hospital with injuries to his face.

No arrests have been made.

Metro train attendants were on the scene to help the train get by safely.

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