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Woman clings to hood of car after thief snatches her French Bulldog in downtown LA

Woman clings to car after French Bulldog stolen in downtown Los Angeles
Woman clings to car after French Bulldog stolen in downtown Los Angeles 01:04

Wild video shows the moments that a woman clung to the hood of a driving car in downtown Los Angeles after thieves snatched her French Bulldog while she was outside of a store last week. 

Onyx, the stolen French Bulldog.  Ali Zacharias

Investigators say that the incident happened on Jan. 18 outside of the Whole Foods grocery store on 8th Street and Grand Avenue, when the Ali Zacharias was approached by a woman who took her dog named Onyx and ran and got into a car being driven by another person.

Zacharias chased the woman, jumping onto the hood of her car, a white four-door Kia Forte, as they fled the area.  

"I was like, 'I'm not letting this car go,' so I just held onto the windshield wipers," Zacharias recalled. "Before I knew it we were driving down the block and picking up speed and I was freaking out for my life suddenly."

She was able to hold on for about a block until the driver swerved and she fell off at 9th Street and Grand Avenue. She said that she got some bruises and cuts but was not seriously injured.

"Whatever I'm doing, I'm just sad that like I'm not doing with Onyx, or that he's missing out," she said. "You know, I'm grocery shopping and thinking like I'm not buying anything for him, and I mean the time has gone so quickly. I feel like this just happened. And yet it's already 10 days."

Los Angeles Police Department investigators are looking into the crime, reviewing security footage from the surrounding area in hopes of locating the suspect and Zacharias' beloved pup. 

Photo of the suspect who snatched Onyx, the French Bulldog, on Jan. 18.  Los Angeles Police Department

They released a photo of the suspect who they believe grabbed Zacharias' dog, a woman believed to be around 25 years old who was wearing a gray hoodie, purple sweatpants and black shoes. The second suspect is reportedly a man who is also around 25. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact Detective Mazzacano or Detective Stanziale at (213) 996-1877. 

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