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Woman, 50, Accused Of Beating Woman With Shovel And Rock To Avoid $100K Debt

WESTMINSTER (CBS) — A 50-year-old San Diego County woman stands accused of attempted murder after allegedly beating a friend with a rock and shovel in an attempt to get out of re-paying a $100,000 debt, according to prosecutors.

Minh Tam Thi Phan is expected to be arraigned Thursday.

Phan allegedly made arrangements April 22 to meet with the victim to pay back the money she owed her, according to the Orange County District Attorney's Office. Phan drove the woman to an Orange County restaurant, where she claimed the money was, prosecutors alleged.

Phan went into the restaurant and returned to the car to drive back home, prosecutors said.

On the way back, Phan convinced the woman to pull over into a neighborhood and park in front of a house in Fountain Valley, where Phan is accused of getting into the back seat with the woman, locking the doors and using a rock she allegedly slammed over the woman's head repeatedly, according to prosecutors.

The victim managed to get out of the car and attempted to flee, with Phan in tow hitting her with a shoe, prosecutors allege.

The victim lost a tooth in the attack, prosecutors said.

Witnesses called Fountain Valley police, who arrested Phan after she locked herself in the car and hit herself in the head with the rock and pretended to pass out, prosecutors allege.

The officers were able to get in the car when they found the keys on the ground.

Phan posted bail after being booked on assault with a deadly weapon, but was arrested today on a warrant for attempted murder charges, prosecutors said.


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